Rilsan® Refinishing Process


Columbia Rubber Mills understands the printing business. We understand that rollers need to perform optimally in order to guarantee that your products are top-notch. To that end, we utilize the very best anti-wear coatings on our rollers. Nylon is an excellent product for any kind of anti-wear application. We have found Rilsan® to be the best nylon on the market for the thermal spray process. Rilsan® is a trade name of the French company that manufactures it, Elf Atochem. Elf Atochem is a world respected manufacturer of nylon and other synthetic materials, having been in the business since the late 1940s.

We apply Rilsan® to our rollers by using a unique process called “thermal spray,” in which a closely-regulated flame helps build a tough wear-resistant coating on the surface. Our skilled operators maintain precise control of temperature on the roller. By paying close attention to details such as humidity, application time and temperature during this process, we ensure that the Rilsan® coating on our rollers meets our strict standards for quality.

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