Roller Finishes


Columbia Rubber Mills has the capabilities to add a wide range of finishes to our rubber rollers. These finishes are designed to improve the rollers’ performance in a particular application: to give a better grip when moving windows along a conveyor belt, to keep agricultural products from sliding (and potentially jamming equipment) during processing—just to name a couple possibilities.

With over 60 years’ experience, we can help you determine the best finish for your needs. We can suggest alternatives that may yield better performance than OEM-specified finishes. Our team will work with you to find the best combination of material and finish for your unique application.

Columbia Rubber Mills offers numerous patterns, grooves, crowns and finishes for rubber rollers:
  • Chevron-pattern grooves
  • Lateral grooves
  • Radial grooves
  • Diamond-pattern grooves
  • Herringbone-pattern grooves
  • Spiral grooves
  • Horizontal or vertical ruling patterns
  • Tool finish
  • Grind finish
  • Wet grind finish
  • Cloth finish
  • Concave crowns
  • Convex crowns
  • Custom designs to your requirements

State-of-the-art equipment and a skilled, experienced workforce ensure perfect precision and superior quality in all our roller finishes. Every roller must pass inspection before leaving our plant.

Maximum roll sizes are 30” O.D. × 300” O.A.L. and 38" O.D. x 240" O.A.L.; maximum weight is 10,000 lbs.

Request a quote on the standard or custom finishes your rollers need, or contact Columbia Rubber Mills to learn more. We can manufacture spare rollers or pulleys (cores and covers) for all your critical positions.