Industries Served

Rubber products play a vital role in many different industries and manufacturing processes. Columbia Rubber Mills strives to serve them all. By manufacturing everything from snowplow blades to conveyor pulleys, we ensure that quality rubber products are available to clients who need them. In addition, we work with our clients to develop rollers and other products that meet their unique specifications and requirements.

Corrugating and Converting       Glass Windows & Doors  
Flexible Packaging       Agriculture Harvesting & Processing  
Tissue & Towel Converting        Ships, Seafood Harvesting & Processing   
Paper Mill        Steel, Metal & Aluminum Processing  
Printing       Mining & Gypsum   
Plywood Manufacturing       Snowplow Blades & Cutting Edges   
Wood Products - Lumber Mill          Molded Rubber 
Roofing       Food Processing  

Quality is what matters most to us. We subject every product we make to an extensive quality assurance inspection. Our focus on quality pays dividends for you by ensuring minimal wear and interruption to your manufacturing process.

Columbia Rubber Mills can manufacture spare rollers and pulleys (cores & covers) for all your critical positions. Contact us to learn more about our products and services, or to request a quote.