Columbia Rubber Mills is a leading manufacturer of precision rubber rollers for roofing product manufacturing, serving many of America's leading roofing OEMs. We produce top quality press rolls, pull rolls, rider rolls, drive rolls, speed-up rolls, bump rolls, idler rolls, and more.

We work with numerous standard and custom compounds to produce rubber rollers with exceptional abrasion and wear resistance. Specialty compounds embedded with sand or other materials can be used to provide improved roller traction. We have a range of finishes available to further improve the speed and efficiency of your processes.

Columbia Rubber Mills will work with you to develop the perfect custom rubber roller for your roofing manufacturing processes. We deliver superior quality products and the kind of hands-on service you won’t find anywhere else.

Request a quote on the drive rolls, press rolls, or other rubber rolls your application requires, or contact us for more information. Columbia Rubber Mills can manufacture spare rollers or pulleys (cores and covers) for all your critical positions.