Molded Rubber


Columbia Rubber Mills is a complete rubber molding facility, with the capabilities to manufacture a wide range of custom products. From molded rubber snowplow blades/edges and ag tires to bushings, pads, and rollers, we can do it all.

We work with a wide range of rubber materials, from standard compounds to custom elastomers we’ve developed ourselves. Our formulas are compounded and mixed following strict procedures that assure complete control over the end product. Samples taken from every batch are tested for proper mix and other physical properties in our in-house laboratory prior to approval for use in production. We know that no one material is right for every application, and we can help you find the ideal rubber compound for your unique needs.

Columbia Rubber Mills has a complete in-house machine shop to manufacture the tools and dies we need, to ensure that we meet the close dimensional tolerances our customers’ molded rubber products require. Our technical knowledge, engineering experience, and mold design capabilities enable us to produce rubber parts that match your exact specifications.

Our molded rubber products maintain their stability, even through extreme environmental changes. We deliver quality you can count on time after time. Every product we manufacture is made to work for you—just let us know what you need and when you need it, and we’ll do the rest!

Request a quote on vibrator mounts, bushings, molded rubber snowplow blades and edges or any other molded rubber product, or contact Columbia Rubber Mills to learn more.